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A group of tech and data nerds with a knack for launching amazing things



This is where the magic happens…you hope or aspire to have.  Our team is a well experienced archiecture and dev team that has built amazing products.


Sales + Marketing Assessment

Building your first sales + marketing plan can be intimidating and even more so when you deploy the plan.  We will dive in at any stage to assess and develop/deploy/manage your plan

OPS Assessment

We will check out your current OPS assuring you are using the best processes and tools to run your business.

Plans and Pricing For Start Up Consulting in Austin

We know how vital conservation of funds is when you are navigating the most vulnerable days of your startup and we also know how important having the right plan and team in place is to the existence of your startup.  We came up with an offering of startup consulting services in Ausitn that is flexible and offers the best bang for your buck.  No matter if you are tapping us for sales + marketing, tech, OPS or other consulting, our team is dedicated to getting results.


  • Review Sales+Marketing
  • Review Technology
  • 2-hour Q&A meeting
  • Assessment Report
  • 1 hour final review meeting
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a la carte

  • Choose one Service
  • 20 hours of consulting
  • Assess, strategy, deploy
  • Weekly team meeting
  • Weekly report
  • Flexible package
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  • Choose your service(s)
  • Can hire up to 80hrs/mo
  • Option to have consultant onsite
  • Choose reporting
  • Option to build team
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of startup consultants out there, why should we choose Concept Craft?

When you walk into a home improvement store, you are given many options of ways to fix your need(s), such as your deck; it can be made out of cedar, pressure treated lumber or even a composite material…all different price points, longevity and aesthietic look to each option.  We want you to interview us to assure we are the right fit for you, just as we will do the same to assure you are the right fit for us.  We are an experienced team of technologists, operations, product and sales +marketing startup guys with a combined 25+years experience.

Can you help us build a team?

We are glad you asked, no doubt one of our services we offer and even some of our team members favorite thing to do.

We are struggling with architecting our tech, can you help?

Yes, we can come in and assess what you have, developing initial feedback and a plan to tackle your challenges.

Our sales numbers are not scaling and we have done everything we can?

It is time for our team to roll-up our sleeves and look at your product offering, your customer market segments you are selling into and devise a plan to deploy.  We have worked with businesses at all levels, so we can adapt well.

Can we give you equity for your services?

Hmmm…I think in this case we will treat all equally and decline any offers of equity in liu of our fee for services.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.
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