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A Startup Consultancy

We have built a place for entrepreneurs to tap our deep experience as innovative startup guys

Forward Thinking

Our team is always looking for better ways to approach the world of startup challenges and continue to pay attention to todays markets.

Problem Solvers

As you can imagine, we have seen our fair share of startup problems and as good sudents, we learn from these problems and develop solutions.

Customer Support

We want to be sure we are here for you, whether it is Tuesday afternoon or Sunday evening, you can contact us.

Our Story

We are an Austin based startup consulting team with deep experience as entrepreneurs, innovative technologist, sales + marketing ninjas, product development gurus and passionate startup guys that have built a 14+ year career building, launching, scaling and in some rare cases, exiting  startups.  Our passion has led us down many paths, one of which is Concept Craft, the brainchild of its founders, whom have participated in over 50+ startups as founders, employees and consultants.

We have set out on a mission to take our experience into startups facing challenges that have a great idea or great tech, but fall flat on their faces when it comes to execution.




  • startup experience 95%
  • product development 97%
  • sales + marketing 95%
  • tech 97%
  • dog People 100%
  • startup experience 90%
  • counselors 50%